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Common Questions

How much does a site cost?

This is often the elephant in the room when discussing a new website, but there are many factors to consider about each individual project before cost can be determined. The question can only be accurately answered once those factors have been discussed. Fill out this quote form and I will get back to you with any points that need clarification and we can discuss how much you’ll be looking at. The cost can vary anywhere from $1,500 for a small simple site up to over $10,000 for a larger complex site such as membership or e-commerce. Most small-business websites will cost somewhere around the $3,000-$5,000 range.

My process is structured to ensure that your professionally designed website is a sound investment that will last a number of years.


What is your process?


It can all start now! Filling out the “Get Started” form on the front page will tell me more about you, what you need, and how I can help you. I will get back to you ASAP.

I’ll follow that up with emails and sometimes a phone call to make sure we have a good plan and are on the same page. An outline will also often be made to plan out site structure.

I assess the plan and calculate a final project estimate. A 50% deposit is asked for before starting the design & build phase.

Once you have approved the estimate, you’ll send the deposit, and assemble final images and content. Content being provided by clients is often the largest hold up in a project’s timeline. A well organized client will equate to a quick turn around time.

Design & Build
It’s then time to design and build your site. All of your content and images will be needed at this point in the process.

Because all of my sites are responsive for different devices this stage is really important. You get to check that you’re happy with everything, but I’ll also do bug checks on all major devices and browsers to make sure your site looks beautiful everywhere.

I receive your feedback and make revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Go Live
I will invoice you for the remaining balance of the project and once that payment is received, I will move the website to its final destination. The most exciting time. You’re live!

Ongoing Support
I’m not going anywhere. I am always an email away. If you host with me, I offer a care package, but even if you are not hosted with me or want to manage the site yourself I’m still here and able to help you. If you can’t work out how to do something, or you want to make more substantial changes in the future, just get in touch.


What is the Care Package?

All of us need to be pampered on occaison. Your site is no different. Modern websites require regular updates, performance checks, and implementation of good security measures. I also administer regular backups as part of the package. By caring for your website after the initial creation, the chances of your site going down or needing major repairs in the future are greatly reduced. Let me continue to protect your investment.

The care package requires that you are hosted with me, as other hosting companies can simply be harder to work with. I can still care for your site, at an hourly rate.


Do you have an hourly rate?

When it comes to design projects, every project is different so we normally handle projects at a fixed and agreed upon price. Once the website designs are completed and live, content changes and other services will be $60 per hour.


What will I need to provide?

You will need to provide all the written content for the site, as well as images, such as logos and photos. If you need help with writing content or photography, let me know.


How long does a website design project take?

Once the plan is communicated, and all necessary content is provided at the start of the project, I try to get the front page and one or more of the other pages ready for review within 15-30 days. Once the design and layout is approved, then I move forward with the rest of the site. The majority of my website design projects last between 30-90 days. This varies depending on how complex your site is and if you have everything ready to go. Content being provided by clients is often the biggest delay on sites being finished in time.


How do you handle payments?

Most design projects are started with a deposit of 50% up front and the remaining 50% upon completion. Payment must be made in full before items are published to web. For projects on a larger scale, other payment options can be arranged.

After the site is completed Care Plan and hourly services can be invoiced annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Check or ACH is preferable, but credit cards are also accepted through Quickbooks.